The short epistemology of Mazda

With McDonald Automotives rebranding we thought it seemed appropriate to share the epistemology behind Mazda.

Mazda’s company name derives from an ancient East Asian God, Ahura Mazda. Ahura Mazda was the God of wisdom, intelligence, and harmony. Mazda interpreted that Ahura Mazda was also a symbol of the origin of both Western and Eastern civilizations and automotive culture. The company name is also incorporates the westernized pronunciation of the founder of Mazda’s name, Jujiro Matsuda.

Over the past 80 years Mazda has had an array of emblems in attempts to properly represent their brand. 1997 was the year that Mazda found a brand image that properly encapsulated the businesses values. The Mazda emblem is a symbol of Mazda’s dedication to growth and improvement. The Mazda “M” is symbolic to the prosperity and spirit of the company, as it spreads its wings.



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