How To Increase The Fuel Efficiency In Your Mazda

How To Increase The Fuel Efficiency In Your Mazda

With gas prices steadily increasing it is more important than ever to make sure you are getting the most out of each and every tank of gas. The Mazda Service Department at McDonald Mazda wants to help you make sure you are doing everything you can to stretch every tank of gas to its fullest!

Here are just a few tips from the Mazda Dealership near Denver for getting the best fuel efficiency from your Mazda…..

  • Keep your Mazda engine properly tuned up! Incorrect fuel ratio and bad spark plugs are just two things that can have a big effect on gas mileage. 
  • Don’t use your air conditioner (A/C) unless you really need it. The A/C compressor puts an extra strain on the engine making it much less efficient.

  • Make sure your Mazda tires are properly inflated. Under inflated tires cause more resistance to travel whereas properly inflated tires can help you get the most out of your tank!

  • Avoid stop and go traffic where you may be wasting fuel. By taking alternative routes or scheduling your daily driving during times other than rush hour can help decrease your fuel consumption exponentially.

  • Use a good engine oil, preferably a synthetic or standard oil treated with a friction reducing oil additive. These have been known to improve fuel economy by as much as 12%.

  • Keep your windows closed when possible. Just like using your air conditioning, open windows actually reduce gas mileage.

  • Remove accessories, such as a luggage or ski rack, that lower the aerodynamics of your vehicle.

    During a time when fuel prices are skyrocketing, anything that can help stretch your tank a little farther helps! Stop by McDonald Mazda, your Colorado Mazda source, to keep your vehicle in top condition and get even more tips on how to get the biggest bang for your gas mileage buck!

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