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2012 Mazda MX-5 Miata – Drifting Our Long-Term Loaner in the Rain



Happy Birthday 25th Mazda Miata!


The Mazda Miata turned 25 this past week. Over the past two decades and a half, people have fallen in love with this tiny yet powerful car. It is in fact currently the number one selling sports car in the world. The car was designed to capture the spirit of a European sports car. The design is stylish, with a long body, and a short deck proportion. The Miata was also the first car to be acoustically tuned to give the driver the authentic experience of driving a sports car. TV personality, Jay Leno adores the Miata. In his garage full of extravagant cars you’ll find multiple Miata’s. Learn more about the Miata from Leno and the original designers of the car by watching this youtube video! If you live in Colorado and are interesting in getting your own Miata visit your friendly Denver Mazda dealer!